Our big Upgrade and why its important

Our servers big upgrade and why we need and want to do it.

Our Big Move

What exactly is moving?

our site is moving, not the domain but the site its self. we are moving from one server providers to another, we are moving to better servers and better systems.

How will this move affect me?

Well with every move and upgrade there is going to be downtime, well we will be making this as painless as possible with us moving the system over to a new server setup, we know the setup will take time to take effect, with the move we are doing there are two ways this can happen, we can close the whole site down for about 3 days while things move over (this will be 1 day for the moving of the physical data, and 2 days for the DNS systems to update) or we can close the site for about 3 hours and work on moving things over to the new system. then let the system DNS update when it can, and there will be access to the site all the time either by this server or the new servers, after 2 days everything will be over to the new servers, the reason the site will be down for 3 hours is we would be doing a backup of the site up to that point, then we would be putting into place the new systems, this will allow us time to check things out. 

whats so different about the new servers?

Well the new servers will be set up in such a way we will have a smoother running system and also will have a better less congested system, we will be load balancing our systems, so this will mean we will have 4 servers for your connection to choose from, they will be in separate data centers so if anything happens in one the others will take over, there will be a simple system that will allow you to stay connected to the one sever while you are on the site, which will reduce any issues there may be.

What if there are problems with the new servers?

we are testing the new servers as I write this, the testing is being done to make sure that there are no issues, but if there is an issue with the system due to load-balancing, then we will just point all the traffic to one of the servers that we have and find a new solution, we will make sure there is as little downtime as possible.